TCM & The Modern Patient: Blood Sugar, Detox, Weight

Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 9:00am to 6:00pm
Dr. Marlene Merritt & Dr. Will Mitchell
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The modern American patient is quite different from the traditional Chinese patient. Modern life brings with it health issues not seen in the past — consumption and over consumption of far-from traditional foods, exposure to thousands of new chemicals per year, and the resulting emergence of diseases in numbers unseen before. Because of this, traditional recommendations may not apply and may make things worse. This course will discuss how to effectively work with patient to reverse high blood sugar, increase effective detoxification and manage weight issues. The practitioner will leave with clear guidelines and an understanding of the challenges in regards to modern patient health issues.

•Where TCM excels and where it does not, in regards to the modern patient
•Contrast and compare to modern blood sugar symptoms
•Contrast and compare in regards to treatment in TCM versus hyperglycemia
•Clarify the mechanism by which reactive hypoglycemia develops into insulin resistance, and ultimately into diabetes
•Share research and statistics in regards to the diabetes epidemic worldwide
•Discuss nutrients and herbs to support healthy blood sugar maintenance
•Discuss guidelines and treatment strategies for weight management — diet strategies, type
•of exercise, detoxification, inflammation strategies, improving sleep strategies

About the speaker

Dr. Marlene Merritt & Dr. Will Mitchell
Dr. Marlene Merritt & Dr. Will Mitchell

Drs. Marlene Merritt and Will Mitchell own Merritt Wellness Center in Austin, Texas. They run a full-time practice that specializes in combining nutrition, Western testing, applied kinesiology, and Oriental medicine/herbology. Dr. Merritt writes an ongoing series of articles about integrating nutrition into an acupuncture practice in Acupuncture Today. Dr. Mitchell has taught nutrition at The Academy of Oriental medicine, introducing whole food nutritional theory to students and graduates interested in expanding their own practices. Drs. Merritt and Mitchell specialize in presenting the fundamentals of nutrition to practitioners interested in starting a nutrition practice and helping experienced practitioners deepen their understanding of nutrition, physiology and protocols.