Standard Process and MediHerb products and literature are only available through qualified health care professionals. Their knowledge and experience allows them to recommend both Standard Process products and health regimens that meet each patient's unique health needs.

Standard Process

Nutritional scientists are continually discovering what Standard Process has taught and practiced since 1929: Micronutrients, both known and unknown, found only in whole foods are more essential to health than selected vitamins and minerals taken away from their complete food matrix.

Standard Process product formulas contain unique combination's of whole foods (whole plants, animal tissue extracts and concentrates, and botanicals), which contain essential vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals to provide optimal health for your patients.

Standard Process sources many of the ingredients from the company-owned Certified Organic Farm in Palmyra, Wisconsin. The whole process of growing, manufacturing, and quality control takes place in the state-of-the-art facility next to where ingredients are grown. From seed to supplement, Standard Process has the highest quality whole food supplements.

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Safety Caps

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In the words of MediHerb's co-founder, Associate Professor Kerry Bone: "Our passion at MediHerb is to unlock the healing power of plants by combining the time-honored wisdom of traditional knowledge with sound clinical experience and the rigor of scientific research. This quest can only be attained by the total commitment to quality and continuous improvement, which permeates every aspect of our endeavors."

MediHerb's commitment to quality is evidenced in every aspect of the business, from the rigorous sourcing and testing of herbs and the in-depth research and development of herb active constituents and therapeutic applications, to the development of manufacturing and extraction processes that have revolutionized the herbal products industry. MediHerb has not only demonstrated an unwavering commitment to quality in herbal products, they have redefined it. The MediHerb approach to quality sets a standard for herbal products that is unsurpassed in the world today.

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Standard Process Veterinary Supplements

Standard Process Veterinary Formulas follow the whole food philosophy of the human product line with products specifically designed for our canine and feline friends. With 8 products for the feline and 12 for the canine, you will have the appropriate product for the application and results you seek.

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