Letter From the President

As a child, I thought everyone had vitamin supplements on their placemat during meal time. Because my parents used Standard Process for years, and raised me on their products too. Then one day, I spent the night at a friend’s house where I had unlimited access to bowls of candy and a refrigerator filled with soda.

Naturally, I did what any normal kid would do – I gorged on the sugar feast thinking, “Wow, he’s so lucky to live like this!”

But the next day, I didn’t bounce out of bed as usual. Instead, I felt exhausted with a stuffed up nose. Confused, I wondered what happened. Growing up with Standard Process, I rarely felt sick.

My family followed Standard Process’s basic premise of taking care of your body and eating nutritious food – the perfect recipe for a long life of optimum vitality, free of sickness and disease. It sounds like the type of common sense advice your grandmother likely gave. But today, most of us forget this fundamental rule. Today, environmental pollution, household chemicals, and the glut of processed “foods” make it increasingly difficult to thrive.

In 1929, Dr. Royal Lee saw the dangerous trend towards processed foods and malnutrition. In response, he formulated whole food supplements, which became the genesis for Standard Process. Back then, Dr. Lee knew by concentrating the synergistic plant compounds in whole foods, your body receives the nutrients it needs to restore balance and therefore strengthen. Isolated vitamins cannot do this.

Over 80 years later, Standard Process remains the highest quality source for whole food supplements. Most of our raw materials are grown on our organic Wisconsin farm. And we continue Dr. Lee’s research using today’s most advanced technology.

Here at Standard Process of Northern California, we are the exclusive distributor for Standard Process and MediHerb products, serving Central and Northern California. Our team works steadfast towards one goal: providing maximum clinical and business support to help health professionals improve and save more lives.

We do this through a comprehensive range of services designed to maximize your business success. Services include: business consulting, clinical mastery continuing education, highly- knowledgeable customer support, and prompt order fulfillment.

I invite you to call or visit us any time to discover how our team and our products support your practice in helping more people realize optimal health.

In health,
Justin Toal

Justin Toal

Justin Toal

Northern and Central California