Holistic Support for Challenging Immune Cases

Saturday, November 9, 2019 - 9:00am to 6:00pm
Michael Gaeta, L.Ac.
This seminar is CE APPLIED for 8 CE hours
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This imperative seminar looks at the factors that contribute to cancer and the great potential that holistic practitioners have to help transform the lives of their patients for the better. The goal and hope of the seminar is to provide clinicians with strategies for low-cost, effective methods to support the prevention of cancer in healthy patients using diet, inner work and natural medicine. Attention is also given to supporting optimal health, vitality and quality of life in cancer patients. The information obtained in this seminar may help you prevent cancer in yourself and others, and possibly help thousands of people avoid needless suffering and premature death.

Seminar Highlights
• Foundations: Review primary types of cancer, stages of malignancy and three primary contributing factors of cancer.
• Current Treatments: Explore conventional cancer treatments and review the efficacy and safety of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
• Holistic Approach: Discover a holistic perspective on cancer and the role of the holistic practitioner; learn about the crucial role of a whole food diet, whole foods supplementation, detoxification, herbal medicine, and enzyme therapy.
• Lab Testing: Learn about the significance of hair mineral analysis, mineral ratios and clearing toxic metals.
• Patient Support: Gain clinically-applicable knowledge to help support cancer patients.

About the speaker

Michael C Gaeta, DAc, MS, CDN
Michael C Gaeta, DAc, MS, CDN

Dr. Michael Gaeta, DAc, LAc, CDN is an educator, clinician and writer in the field of natural healthcare with 26 years of clinical practice. He both taught and earned his master’s degree in acupuncture from the New York College of Health Professions and holds licenses in acupuncture, dietetics-nutrition and massage therapy, and is a doctor of acupuncture in Rhode Island. He has appeared on the CBS Early Show and NBC News and has trained thousands of clinicians via live seminars, webinars and distance learning programs.