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Located in Wisconsin, Standard Process, Inc. will be the sole distributor for Standard Process and MediHerb products for the entire country. They will continue to provide healthcare practitioners with the same great products, but there will no longer be any regional offices and distributorships near you.

We are committed to serving you, your practices, and your patients, and helping you improve the lives of those in your community. You can continue to order Standard Process, Medi Herb, and Veterinary Formulas directly from us until the end of 2019. Come 2020, we are thrilled to be continuing our partnership with you as a new company – stay tuned!

In order to continue ordering Standard Process and MediHerb products, you will need to create a new account with Standard Process, Inc. starting January 2020. You can do so by calling their Customer Service department, or online.

Existing SPNC account holders are eligible to create an account with Standard Process, Inc.

If you have not yet opened an account, you will need to meet current criteria for Qualifying Accounts. Most licensed practitioners qualify for an account (MD, DC, RN, LAc, etc.), while some licensed and certified practitioners (Clinical Nutritionists, Herbal Practitioners, Midwives, etc.) are required to have a certain level of study in a specific field (i.e., Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Nutrition for Clinical Nutritionists). If you have questions about your account qualification, please send a message below or email us at

You will love the wide-range of products we will now be able to offer! We will no longer be limited to two product lines – we will have the freedom to have as many products as we believe in (therapeutic foods, clinical nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, organic skincare, light therapy, functional medicine, muscle testing, etc.), all of which you can access in one place. Our new products will help bridge gaps in your dispensary. Over the next several weeks, we will be increasing our frequency of communications, unveiling our new entity, introducing offerings and services, and, most importantly, responding to your feedback. 

We will keep hosting fantastic seminars our Toal Conference Center in Alameda. Maintaining our relationship with Life Chiropractic College West (as well as the California Acupuncture Board and additional agencies), we will still provide you with continuing education units (CEUs). For those of you enrolled in the Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN) Program, which itself is in partnership with Life Chiropractic College West, our courses will still count towards your certification – just with a new company name!

After many successful years with the Seminar-3 package, we decided to retire the offer effective January 2019. If you currently have a Seminar-3 package and still have open slots available, your remaining slots must be used by the end of 2019. Please check out seminars page ( for our current calendar.

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