Botanical Wonders from Down Under: MediHerb Clinical Masterclass

Friday, September 27, 2019 - 8:30am to 5:30pm
Saturday, September 28, 2019 - 8:30am to 5:30pm
Amanda Williams B.Bus, Berris Burgoyne, ND, Lee Carroll, BHSc, Prof. Kerry Bone B.Sc. Dip. Phyto., FNIMH, FNHAA, MCPP
This seminar is CE APPLIED for 16 CE hours
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This super-sized seminar is the first of its kind, bringing these four masterminds together! This seminar will provide you with the latest in herbal research and applications!
*16 CEUs are available for this full, two-day seminar.*

Prof. Kerry Bone
Lee Carroll BHSC
Berris Burgoyne, BHSC, ND, DIP HERB

About the speaker

Amanda Williams
Amanda Williams

An internationally experienced integrative naturopath & medical herbalist, Amanda has over 20 years’ clinical practice. Amanda’s passion for the art & science of herbal therapy, holistic clinical nutrition, lifestyle programs and empowerment coaching synergize into dynamic programs individually tailored for each patient. Specializing in integrative endocrinology for women, Amanda has dedicated her clinical practice to discovering & addressing the underlying root cause of ill health to deliver long term sustainable health solutions. Amanda’s naturopathic practice is located in Brisbane, Australia where she utilizes a variety of functional health testing and has a large herbal and nutritional dispensary. Amanda has been under tutelage of Professor Kerry Bone, renowned herbal clinician for two decades.

A popular speaker who is able to convey the technical complexity of herbal & clinical therapy for ease of implementation at your own practice. She has presented seminars to health professionals in the United States, Canada, UK, South Africa and Australia since 2001.

Berris Burgoyne, ND
Berris Burgoyne, ND

Berris Burgoyne ND, BHSc is a renowned naturopathic clinician with 25 years of experience. She owns and runs a highly successful naturopathic clinic in Brisbane, Australia. Berris is a senior member of the MediHerb team as a clinical support consultant, technical writer and educator. MediHerb is anAustralian-based herbal company founded by leading global herbalist Kerry Bone. MediHerb is passionately committed to quality in every aspect of their business - from rigorous sourcing and testing of herbs, continual research and development for new applications of herbs, and the further development of manufacturing and extraction processes that have already revolutionized the herbal products industry. Berris has worked closely with Kerry for the last 20 years and now regularly lectures alongside Kerry in Australia and New Zealand. She has also lectured extensively in UK and South Africa, and presented seminars in USA and Canada.

Lee Carroll, BHSc
Lee Carroll, BHSc

Lee Carroll developed a strong passion for herbal medicine through working closely with Associate Professor Kerry Bone at MediHerb® for over 20 years. Lee’s knowledge of phytochemistry, herbal research and the clinical application herbs is profound. At MediHerb® Lee has held a number of senior management positions in the areas of research and development, quality assurance and manufacturing.

Prof. Kerry Bone B.Sc. Dip. Phyto., FNIMH, FNHAA, MCPP
Prof. Kerry Bone B.Sc. Dip. Phyto., FNIMH, FNHAA, MCPP

Kerry Bone was an experienced research and industrial chemist before studying herbal therapy full-time in the UK where he graduated and joined the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. He is a practicing herbalist (18 year's experience), Director of Research and Development at MediHerb and Principal of the Australian College of Phytotherapy.